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More Energy

Promote positivity and stimulate metabolism with lemon, bergamot, and sage.
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Beautiful experience, that actually works

I love love love Mindalt, especially this new OP+ formulation. All of them smell great and you can enjoy fresh whiffs throughout the day. Beyond a natural, aluminum free deodorant, Mindalt’s essential oils deliver a lovely experience that delivers mood lifting benefits. I use the energy later in the day for the boost!

Susan C

This is a real find.

Like plenty of my friends finding a natural deodorant that works has been super frustrating. Well that hunt’s now over. Mindalt does the job. Plain and simple. All deodorants claim they smell amazing. Now I know what amazing really is. The fact it gives my mood some bounce was a surprising bonus. Certainly, uncranks my crank!

Ross T

Really works, smells beautiful

Stress sweat used to make unnamed family smell like onions. Unnamed family no longer smells like onions. Already bought a second before the first was finished because it’s proven itself to be such a necessity.

James L

Part of my daily arsenal

I love aromatherapy and the concept of using essential oils to provide me odor protection and empower my mood. The product rolls on easily and doesn’t pull on my skin or irritate it. I’m using Energy and taking care of a family member in a rehab facility. It’s late in the afternoon, stress sweat has not taken over, no horrible smell just whiffs of essential oils.

Maria M



Mood enhancing essential oils

Boosts your metabolism and mood. That’s why it’s nicknamed liquid sunshine. Refreshing citrusy. Slightly sweet scent.

The triple treat and why Bergamot is found in all our products. Positive mood enhancer with antimicrobial properties that also helps absorb sweat. Fresh citrus scent with a hint of spices.

Steels against negativity and uplifts your mood. Smells balmy and herbal.

Balances your mood reducing irritability. Smells much like uncut grass with a woody undertone.

Aids mental clarity and promotes creativity. A woody scent offset by floral, balsamic and sweet accents.

Ingredients that absorb sweat

Corn starch, highly effective in the dampening of wetness.

Produced from starch and provides excellent moisture protection.

An essential oil with a surprisingly high astringency, allowing it to reduce or contract the size of sweat-producing pores.

Derived from steaming the twigs of the Witch Hazel shrub, this essential oil is an astringent that constricts the tissue under the arm to prevent sweat and also reduces moisture.

A mineral component of sandstone, it acts to soak up moisture from sweat.

Ingredients that prevent body odor

Derived from the glucose obtained from corn, it’s a highly effective bacteria inhibitor (especially Gram-positive bacteria, most commonly responsible for causing body odor). Gentle on the skin. it causes no irritation and acts as a moisturizer.

A citric acid thatprevents bacterial decomposition of sweat ingredients that directly cause body odor.

A naturally occurring organic compound that has strong antimicrobial properties.

Naturally occurring in sugarcane, it is a longstanding antimicrobial agent which helps stabilize liquids that don’t mix well. It is an emulsifier and therefore a good ally of Sunflower Oil, our emulsion.

An organic fruit derived acid (from lemon or lime) that combats armpit sweat as it reduces sweat production.

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