More Focus

A blend to get you from laser tag to laser focus. Minty tones of spearmint and peppermint aid in mental clarity and reduce fatigue, while geranium and cedarwood offer reminders of a walk through the woods in springtime.

  • Starts working on application and constantly reactivates throughout the day whenever your body temperature rises

  • Essential oils are triggered through carrier oils that not only support your sweat, but your emotions too

  • Bergamot is used in every blend due to its antimicrobial and antiseptic properties (plus it smells ah-mazing)

Active Essential Oils, Real Ingredients

Although we love us a pretty picture, we don’t believe in selecting ingredients just because they look cute. Our essential oils were chosen for the specific mood lifting effects that are backed by modern research (like, with actual scientists), not to mention centuries of use in traditional Chinese medicine. Our formula is purposefully made with 4x more essential oils than any other natural deodorant. Go ahead, check for yourself ;)

Elle Clean Beauty Stars 2021


We like keeping ingredients – and feedback — transparent. Love it? Think we can tweak something? Let us know!

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