The science of self awareness in a bottle.

The science of self awareness in a bottle.

Mindalt’s mission is to design best-in-class everyday products that also enhance your emotional performance. What does emotional performance mean? Well, the better you feel, the better you perform.

  • Aluminum Free

  • Mood Enhancing

  • All-Natural

So we started digging into the science of scent.

Might seem random, but there’s a physiological benefit rooted in the proven science of aromachology — the legit study of smell and emotion (kind of like the clinical side of your favorite yoga mom’s aromatherapy candles). The science proves that scent activates physiological and behavioral responses with emotions. Your moods, behavior, and thoughts can change through inhaling certain smells.

Because most of us are living with increased anxiety and stress these days, we’re quite intimate with the odor changes happenin’ in our underarms caused by emotional swings.

We created blends that shift and balance mood.

They also support the (totally natural) stink that happens when we’re all up in our physiological feels.

We’re not down with the synthetic chemicals in most deodorants, and many of the natural ones never seem to work (like, at all), so we made a best-in-class all-natural product that starts working upon application and constantly reactivates throughout the day whenever your body temperature rises — whether triggered by emotional swings or a tough pilates workout — and continuously burns off essential oils under your arm.

We also use 4x the amount of essential oils by volume than any other deodorant product out there, choosing to harness their properties beyond just “this smells nice”.

We think of performance as motivated by tangible results.

When you’re feelin’ uninspired and down or jittery from anxiety, the scoreboard suffers. Not just in a capitalistic way, but in a life-can-be-way-more-fun way.

Change your mood, you change your mindset. We call this emotional performance, and we created Mindalt to support the pursuit of that.

Products designed to enhance the human experience beyond burnout, and experiences designed to live it.

Join us, you’re invited.

We’re a startup just doin’ our best — but that never means we can’t do better. We hold ourselves accountable the same way we expect you to, and just as we’ve iterated and iterated until we could put out the best possible natural deodorant that exists, we’ll keep iterating on the rest of it, scout’s honor.

  • plastic packaging for now, sustainable packing in our future.

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  • contact us if there’s anything else you’re seein’ that could be better. We wanna know.