We looove getting your emails, but figured we’d save everyone a bit of time with our most frequently asked questions.

Yes. All Mindalt deodorants are100% aluminum free. Antiperspirants (which are different from deodorants!) use pore-clogging aluminum to artificially block sweating — which, we’re not into since that’s how your body naturally cools and detoxifies itself. Sweating is dope (and healthy).
Mindalt deodorant isn't just aluminum-free. It doesn’t contain synthetic chemicals of any kind. We’re into the not-putting-harmful-stuff-on-your-body vibe.

Our deodorant works with your body’s natural chemistry, not against it.

Yes. We’re not hiding anything and want you to know what’s in the deodorant you’re putting on your body! Check out our full list of ingredients and their Clean rating here.

Helpful tip: Look out for natural deodorant brands that use the word “Fragrance” in their list of ingredients — it’s basically a catch-all word that sounds harmless, but often isn’t. Just sayin’.

Yes. No exceptions. Check out each ingredient’s Clean rating here.

For the same reason lots of other things don’t work properly! Hint: They’re not made well enough.

Making a natural deodorant is easy. Making an effective natural deodorant isn’t.

Sure, lots of people (and other deodorant brands too) take out all the chemicals in a deodorant and replace them with natural stuff — but it’s wishful thinking to believe it will work. You need good chemists and good chemistry — we’ve spent years working with top scientists to develop a product that is natural and does the job it says it does.

Loren ipsum...Mindalt is rooted in the proven science of aromachology – the legit study of smell and emotion. The science behind it proves that scent activates physiological and behavioral responses with emotions. Your moods, behavior and thoughts can change through inhaling certain scents (for real).

You sweat as much (if not more!) for emotional reasons — fear, shame, anxiousness, excitement –– as you do for physical exertion. Certain scents can calm your nervous system down, and each of our blends is especially formulated to balance your mood.

Mindalt starts working on application and constantly reactivates throughout the day whenever your body temperature changes – basically, that very moment when you need a boost.

We also use 4x the amount of essential oils than any other deodorant out there, choosing to harness their properties beyond just ‘this smells nice’.

Our original formula has great odor protection and works effectively for most people.

We developed our Odor Protection + (OP+) blend for folks who are just more especially prone to body odor, and need a lil’ extra boost.

OP+ is like clinical strength protection without any synthetic chemicals, and it has two additional ingredients. Polyglyceryl, a plant-based broad ranging antimicrobial, and Zinc Ricinoleate, an odor inhibitor that traps and absorbs odor molecules, instead of attacking them, largely making them imperceptible to your nose.

Yes. Puberty brings with it a bunch of changes, body odor being one of them.

Mindalt is a safe and effective option for teenagers, plus the blends in our deodorant offer support for shifting moods.

Yes. We worked with the top perfumers and flavorists in the world to create non-gendered scents.

Scents don’t have a gender, obviously, but certain notes have traditionally been used to symbolize aspects of femininity or masculinity (think florals and tobacco). Each of our blends were carefully crafted to steer away from stereotypically gendered scents and create a product anyone is comfortable using, no matter where along the gender spectrum they identify, if at all.

Yes. 100% vegan and all natural.


After 24 months of repeated testing, we haven’t found that it does. But, we can’t promise, so just be careful when you apply!

We are all different and complex human beings after all.

All our products are made at our own facility in Cincinnati, Ohio. USA-made.

No. Baking soda and coconut are known irritants, even for those without sensitive skin, so we avoided using them.

No. Talc can contain asbestos, a known carcinogen, and we weren’t going to take the risk.

We’re all different, and some of us may apply more often than others. Each bottle, on average, will last between 2-3 months.

Unlike a stick, our roll-on lets you use every last drop.

If this is your first time using a natural deodorant, after two weeks your armpits will be purged of the aluminum and synthetic chemicals that are left over from your old deodorant. Sweat won’t be blocked from coming out of your pores, but a good amount of it will be absorbed when it does and odor will be neutralized. You’ll never feel compromised by excessive sweating.

The first few weeks is generally known as the “detox” period and can, in some isolated cases, cause irritation or even an unpleasant smell for a short period of time. In almost all cases, this passes. Then you’ll be free from questionable chemicals entering your bloodstream — forever.


At this stage, we only ship within the USA.

For all orders over $25, shipping is free. For a single bottle order the shipping is a flat rate of $3.50. (It’s a better deal to get a bundle!)

As we run our logistics center we are able fulfill your order within one to two business days and use a 3-business day shipping service.

Yes. And for good reason.

Here’s a truth that is not talked about — the body is a complex thing, and no two of us are alike. What could work for many, may not work for all.

It’s actually scientifically impossible to produce a deodorant that would work for everyone. That’s just facts. Any brand that says otherwise is ignoring scientific reality.

So, if Mindalt wasn’t right for you, we will fully refund your purchase. No questions asked. Just email us at info@mindalt.co and we will activate your refund.


We’re a startup doing our very best, but that’s a long way from saying we can’t do things better.

Right now, our packaging is plastic, but sustainable packaging is in our near future.

Just like we countlessly iterated on our product until we could put the best possible natural deodorant out on the market, we’ll keep iterating on the rest of it. Promise.