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These 3 Ingredients in Your Deodorant Are Giving People Energy All Day Long!

Lemon, Bergamot and Sage? Who knew!

Try it and see for yourself with a money-back guarantee!

We try to use drugs like coffee to keep us awake every day, but we still feel exhausted. You can resolve this problem by just switching your deodorant!

→ This doesn't have to be you every day!

If you are experiencing lack of energy and tiredness in your days and you identified with the images above, you need to know this awesome product that will give you energy through your armpits!

That's right, through your armpits!

This is MORE ENERGY Deodorant


Mood boosting formula: More than a scent, Mindalt has 4x the essential oils you’ll find in other natural deodorants. Each of our essential oils have been scientifically proven to impact your brain's nervous system and positively alter your mood state and wellbeing. It's the science of scent.

Active essential oils: Lemon, Sage, Sandalwood, Vetiver, Bergamot

Our customers say

"My husband loves this deodorant. He has a really physically demanding job, sweats a lot at work, and comes home still smelling fresh after eight hours"

Melissa H.

15 SEP 2017, 14:42

"Nice scent. Does not leave mark on clothes. Highly recommend!"

Adriana K.

15 SEP 2017, 14:42

"Smells great, works well, love the packaging, big fan!"

Britton S.

15 SEP 2017, 14:42

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We looove getting your emails, but figured we’d save everyone a bit of time with our most frequently asked questions.

Is Mindalt aluminum free?

Yes. All Mindalt deodorants are100% aluminum free. Antiperspirants (which are different from deodorants!) use pore-clogging aluminum to artificially block sweating — which, we’re not into since that’s how your body naturally cools and detoxifies itself. Sweating is dope (and healthy).
Mindalt deodorant isn't just aluminum-free. It doesn’t contain synthetic chemicals of any kind. We’re into the not-putting-harmful-stuff-on-your-body vibe.

Our deodorant works with your body’s natural chemistry, not against it.

Is Mindalt 100% natural?

Yes. We’re not hiding anything and want you to know what’s in the deodorant you’re putting on your body! Check out our full list of ingredients and their Clean rating here.

Helpful tip: Look out for natural deodorant brands that use the word “Fragrance” in their list of ingredients — it’s basically a catch-all word that sounds harmless, but often isn’t. Just sayin’.

Does Mindalt use Clean Ingredients?

Yes. No exceptions. Check out each ingredient’s Clean rating here.

What is the Sunnies Waranty?

For the same reason lots of other things don’t work properly! Hint: They’re not made well enough.

Making a natural deodorant is easy. Making an effective natural deodorant isn’t.

Sure, lots of people (and other deodorant brands too) take out all the chemicals in a deodorant and replace them with natural stuff — but it’s wishful thinking to believe it will work. You need good chemists and good chemistry — we’ve spent years working with top scientists to develop a product that is natural and does the job it says it does.

How does Mindalt help change my mood?

Loren ipsum...Mindalt is rooted in the proven science of aromachology – the legit study of smell and emotion. The science behind it proves that scent activates physiological and behavioral responses with emotions. Your moods, behavior and thoughts can change through inhaling certain scents (for real).

You sweat as much (if not more!) for emotional reasons — fear, shame, anxiousness, excitement –– as you do for physical exertion. Certain scents can calm your nervous system down, and each of our blends is especially formulated to balance your mood.

Mindalt starts working on application and constantly reactivates throughout the day whenever your body temperature changes – basically, that very moment when you need a boost.

We also use 4x the amount of essential oils than any other deodorant out there, choosing to harness their properties beyond just ‘this smells nice’.

Can Mindalt be used by teenagers?

Yes. Puberty brings with it a bunch of changes, body odor being one of them.

Mindalt is a safe and effective option for teenagers, plus the blends in our deodorant offer support for shifting moods.

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